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Diyar Egyptian company are single company in the field of real estate marketing and the basic idea of the company’s on specialization and focus on customer service and by providing the best offers and new services and areas that do not have a crowdedness of population by green surfaces which shows the idea of the Board of Directors in the construction of health units and district from _kinah. Where tranquility, security and proximity to the center of Cairo.

One of the main objectives of the company to provide new job opportunities for work effort and provide him the best prices and the highest level of internal and external services in the short and long term, and are selected sites on the scientific and educational foundations of the Day and in the future based on educational services and availability of transportation near the health centers and the floating and commercial centers.

The police also is the agent of the newspaper ad out free weekly: where he can deploy from Aalnatkm gazette through
us and give more promotions to advertisements.

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01022231227 – 01022231228 – 0238610380

Or attendance to the company headquarters in Building 71 underbrush Mufti pf Egypt Company

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Apartment Sheikh Zayed – District 11 – neighboring
fourth for tilting pure price 70 m Net
2 g 4 * 4-4 * 6 lounge, kitchen and bathroom.
Mobile: 01002541250

Apartments for sale by October 6 –
Jasmine front of Green Land tilting system Villa divided by the clamshell and throats under construction 170 m and 140 m net system. Pay a premium of 120,0000 and the remaining 30 months of each month in the case of 6000 cache 270000 Mobile: 01002541250

Apartment for rent furnished Sheikh Zayed – engineers gardens – size 100 m Mobile: 01002541250

Apartment for rent furnished Sheikh Zayed – Seventh Quarter – Required C at 2500 month for 6 months Furnished – Altksamh : 3 g + 2 h – Mobile: 01002541250

Building for sale in October 6 (Second Quarter) (neighboring five) composed of role. Ground floor and 4 floors, marble entrance, super lux 10 apartments. Doreen allowed violin. Architecture overlooking the two streets – Mobile: 01002541250

Duplex For Sale: October 6, Dreamland, Rose del Area: 194 m garden
148 m – a month after delivery -Details: Half Finished – ground floor – Upstairs 3 bedrooms + bathroom – basement: reception + trip + bathroom + kitchen + there are 2 Balcony – a place for one car garage – Mobile: 01002541250

Apartment For Sale neighborhood trees for sale – 127 m – 1/2 fishing – role
Ground + private garden 250 m
3 bedrooms + 2 bath + kitchen + 3 receptions


-01002541250 – 01000706677
01022231227 – 0238610036








With its unique location at the emtrance 6th of October City – along an axis 26 July – in front of the mall (Hyper One) and the City of Games.
Water (Crazy Water) emtrance Sheikh Zayed City

Site for engineers area after (Lebanon field) about 10 minutes through the center of July 26 and 15 minutes for the pyramids area through Egypt via Alexandria Desert.

Underbrush adjoins the city of some outstanding residential subdivisions (Such as th city of Palm Hills – District dew – the elite district – Awakening gardens – Gardens engineers – as Zayed 20000 – Greens etc…)

City characterized by high water level above sea level making them enjoy the nice weather abd the extent of vision and wide and bewitching.

General plan of the city on the key components include, which is investigating the city’s urban which is investigating the city’s urban development and self-sufficiency.

Golden opportunity for workers abroad required 4 people

The land of the hughest place of Sheikh Zayed
Seventh Quarter neighboring Tanih No. 23 500 m Basement Doreen ground floor and roof to build on the 45 per cent installments with Sheikh device Zayed is now required amount 3000 000 from the individual to participate a stake in the building and hard invest T.

Diar Egyptian marketing and real estate investment
1. Manages the properties of others and ask Apartments new law a long period of 5 years in the areas of Sheikh Zayed and 6 October and spokesman neighboring. Tel: 01000706677 : 01002541250

Deeyar announces Egyptian their need for good-looking secretary fluent in real estate marketing and online business and be serious in the work. Send cv to dyarmasrya@yahoo.com Tel. 01002541250

The Sqaure Apartment Compound 185 m 0.162 m, the patient projects next to Hyde Park and 5 minutes from the university and the US Cairo club new recurring role +2 elevator overlooking the gardens and Land escape (Architecture Ultimate provider at an attractive price 190 000 – 200 000)and the remaining facilities with the Judges Club 400 000 5 years in quarterly installments of the price of the company less than 1000 pounds.
Tel 01002541250 – 01000706677 – 38610036 01022231227-01022231228

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