Websites are an integral part of any business or service provider. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you know that websites serve several valuable purposes. This includes:

-assistance in building your brand’s image and voice

-providing your customers with 24/7 access to your company

-improving customer service

-saving time and money in the long term

-opening your business up to a wider customer base

-and, setting yourself up as an expert in your field


While a basic website is a great start, the need for mobilized websites in 2017 is greater than in previous years. Since the invention of the smart phone, the number of people accessing the internet on their phone has been steadily rising. Today, more people access the internet on their phone or tablet than they do on a computer. To be exact, recent studies have shown that 66% of adult internet users access the web through their mobile devices.


What this means is that if your company doesn’t offer a mobile-friendly version of your website, you could missing out on a huge number of potential clientele. It isn’t all about the numbers, though. There is a reason so many people look to mobilized websites.


The World At Your Fingertips


When using a mobile device, customers literally have access to the world with the touch of a finger. You can look up the answers to questions, search for products or places on the go, get directions, and so much more. This is the main reason so many people make use of it. You can even download of connect with contacts – like phone numbers or email addresses – without the need of pen and paper. Just tap over the phone number, and you can make a call – or tap on the email address, and your provider will pop up.


Competitive Advantage


It is obvious why so many people are choosing to access mobilized websites, and when you creating one or optimize your current one, you get a competitive advantage over others in your field. Customers will be able to easier reach information about your products or services, and while regular websites may show up in mobile results, they load slowly with content not appropriately sized to fit smaller screens. This is frustrating to the customer, and almost always causes them to leave without ever getting the information they wanted in the first place.

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