How are people responding to your website? Google Analytics can certainly provide you with some insight in this arena. You can use a tool like Google Analytics to develop a keen understanding of how users are interacting with your site. For example, if they aren’t spending nearly as much time with your site as you want them to, you might have a big problem on your hands.


Thankfully, if you find yourself in this position, you aren’t lacking in options to deal with the problem. In many cases, we’ve found that websites that aren’t keeping people’s attention are simply suffering from a very fixable image problem. It could be something as simple as the user interface of your site. This is something we sometimes overlook, particularly when we’re just starting out, but it is certainly something that must be kept in mind.


To be sure, there are a number of ways in which a better user interface can keep the attention of your readers for as long as you want them.


The Benefits Of Better User Interfaces

A better user interface for your business’ site should accomplish one thing: It should keep the attention of your reader to the very end. Whether that ends with a call to action, or if you are simply setting the stage for a product or service you plan to offer, everything needs to be built around the need to keep someone’s attention. In this day and age, this can feel like something that’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible by any means.


You simply have to remember the principles that define an optimal user interface. This includes clarity. Everything should be straightforward, easy to find, and easy to share with the world at large. Conciseness is another principle. You want to get to the point, and you don’t want to waste anyone’s time or patience with information that is too verbose, or even information they just don’t need. A third principle to keep in mind concerns embracing the familiar. We aren’t telling you to rip off your top competitor. However, it can be extremely useful to look at those sites, and figure out what they’re doing that people like. Within that insight, you will still find a considerable element of creativity, in terms of applying your research to the website you come up with.


These are just a few of the principles that explain why the user interface is still intensely important.


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